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True Crime Witch takes you into the world of everything murderous, mysterious, and downright macabre.  We spoke with Emma Tranter about her inspiration to start the show, a disappearance that has always haunted her, and her official list of true crime podcast recommendations! 

Check out our YouTube interview with Emma:

What inspired you to start your podcast?

I have a BSc in Forensic Science and Criminology, and after university, I really wanted to keep that side alive in me. I wanted to find a way to expand my own knowledge whilst creating something that others could enjoy too. I’m a lover of the murderous, mysterious & macabre so podcasting/writing about true crime and other spooky stuff was just right up my alley! Also, I TRIED to have a true crime tumblr/blog when I was about 14, but it never really took off.

What got you interested in true crime? Was there a murder in your hometown? A story that has always haunted you? 

When I was about 5 or 6 years old I heard a family friend saying how someone they knew was at uni studying to become a forensic scientist, and ever since that moment, it stuck with me. Growing up in the UK I’ve seen my fair share of true crime cases. I think as a young person growing up, the story that haunted me the most was that of Jessica Wells and Holly Chapman. They were just 10 years old when they were lured in by their school care-taker, Ian Huntley in 2002. He strangled them before dumping their bodies in an irrigation ditch. Even though I was only 6 years old, the case was highlighted throughout the media for years. It sort of hit a lot of people in the UK that the violent crimes you see on the TV can happen to you too.  It certainly heightened my awareness as a youngster to the evils around us.

What’s a murder, disappearance, or crime story that keeps you up at night?

The disappearance of Claudia Lawrence. I covered her case as my first episode and the details are just beyond bizarre. She left her home to go to work and never returned. A lot of the theories are that she ran away to Turkey or Greece, but she left her bank card and passport at home. To me, it seems like something sinister is at hand, but no one is willing to talk.

What true crime podcasts are you listening to right now? If podcasts aren’t your thing, we would also love to hear about a spooky book you’re reading or your favorite murder-related tv show! 

Are you ready for a HUGE list? I have so many amazing true crime podcasts that I have in my rotation at the moment: 



Murder and More

Murder Up North

Tapes from the Darkside 

Mens Rea 


Brew Crime 

Evidence Locker


Our True Crime Podcast

Trace Evidence

90’s crime time

Doe Podcast

Skinwalker True Crime

Death by Champagne 


There are SO many, I’m always retweeting amazing true crime podcasts/content over on my twitter @truecrimewitch

How can our readers find and support you? 

Hey spooky gang, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon and all good podcast platforms, simply search for “The True Crime Witch Podcast”. If you’re feeling extra spooky you can join the spooky gang discussion group or for just $1 a month you can join the spooky gang Patreon and get early access to episodes and some other goodies! < all links are in HERE 

Stay safe & stay spooky.

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