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1 Affirmative Murder

Affirmative Murder is a comedy true crime podcast that tries to bring equality to true crime.  Hosts Alvin and Fran tell each other murder stories involving minorities.  

Check out our interview with Alvin and Fran.

Where to find Affirmative Murder:

Apple Podcasts

Twitter: @AffirmativeMur1

Instagram: @affirmativemurderpod


2 Scam Goddess

Scam Goddess is a comedy podcast dedicated to fraud and those who practise it.  Comedian Laci Mosley reveres her guest host with stories of scams and historic hoodwinks on each week’s episode.

Where to find Scam Goddess:

Apple Podcasts

Twitter: @scamgoddesspod

Instagram: @scamgoddesspod


3 Murder History Girls

Murder History Girls is a true crime podcast hosted by sisters Mikki and Brandi.  The sisters decided to join their love of true crime and history together to create the ultimate podcast–a murder history podcast! 

Check out our interview with Murder History Girls

Where to find Murder History Girls:

Apple Podcasts

Instagram: @murderhistorygirls 

Twitter: @girlsmurder


4 Once Upon a Crime

If true crime comedy isn’t your thing, and you’re searching for well researched stories, you will love Once Upon a Crime. Esther Ludlow discusses kidnappings, murders, mysterious disappearances, serial killers, and celebrity crimes.

Check out our interview with Once Upon a Crime

Where to find Once Upon a Crime:

Apple Podcasts

Twitter: @uponacrime 

Instagram: @onceuponacrimepod


5 90s Crime Time

If you love the fabulous decade of the 90s, 90s Crime Time is definitely the podcast for you! Simone’s podcast actually originated from her super awesome Instagram posts about 90s crimes, and her Insta fans pretty much demanded she start her own show.  Get ready for some really for tales of 90s love triangles!

Check out our Interview with 90s Crime Time

Where to find 90s Crime Time:

Apple Podcasts

Instagram: @90scrimetime

Twitter: @90scrimetime


6 Bruh Issa Murder

Bruh Issa Murder is hosted by Andre Matthews and his black cat, Hex, and he covers true crime cases of color and feautures music from artists you probably haven’t heard of before. His Instagram is also absolutely delightful, so if you need a good laugh today, be sure to check that out too. 


Checkout our Interview with Bruh Issa Murder

Where to Find Bruh Issa Murder:

Apple Podcasts

Instagram: @bruhissamurder

Twitter: @murderbruh


7 Handcuffed

Rena, the host of Handcuffed could honestly talk about anything and we would listen, because she has the most soothing British accent!  Handcuffed covers notorious, perplexing, and confusing crimes known in the UK and the rest of the world, and features a guest host each week.


Check out our Interview with Handcuffed

Where to find Handcuffed:

Apple Podcasts

Instagram: Handcuffedpodcast 

Twitter: @Handcuffedpod


8 Crime Noir

For years,the media has failed to accurately cover criminal cases revolving around Black people, and Candice from Crime Noir  is here to reclaim the narrative with deliberate,thorough, and careful perspective.  


Check out our interview with Crime Noir

Where to find Crime Noir:

Instagram: @crimenoirthepodcast 

Twitter: @crimexnoir


9 Undercover Coven

Best friends Paula and Ale discuss the occult, serial killers, urban legends, movies, tv, and everything in between in the weekly podcast, Undercover Coven


Check out our interview with Undercover Coven

Where to find Undercover Coven:

Apple Podcasts

Twitter: @undercovercoven

Instagram: @undercovercoven


10 Frutloops: Serial Colors of Color


Fruitloops calls into question the misconception that all serial killers are white men, and they are here to bring you all of the best serial killer cases in color! 


Check out our interview with Fruitloops

Where to find Fruitloops:

Apple Podcasts

Twitter: @FruitLoopsPod

Instagram: @fruitloopspod


11 Blood & Firewater

Sibling comedy duo Brandi and Rashad discuss true crime storiesof murder paired with firewater! 


Check out our interview with Blood & Firewater

Where to find Blood & Firewater:

Apple Podcasts

Twitter: @bfwpodsquad

Instagram: @bloodandfirewaterpodcast


12 Crime in the Mitten

You may not be aware, but the state of Michigan has a whole lot of mysterious missing cases and gruesome murders.  Shel and Alia are here to give you the inside scoop on some of Michigan’s most interesting crimes in their awesome podcast, Crime in the Mitten


Check out our interview with Crime in the Mitten

Where to find Crime in the Mitten:

Apple Podcasts

Instagram: @crimeinthemitten

Twitter: @crimemitten

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