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I have lived in my grandma’s house since I was two years old. She raised me. It was built in the early 1900s, and she owned it for about 43 years before she passed away in the house (I wonder if she’ll ever haunt it?). Anyway, I was about six years old when I saw my first ghost – it was my grandma’s younger brother who had passed away in his thirties, I think he was coming to check up on her. I had never seen a picture of him before, but he was young and handsome. I later saw a photo of him and pointed him out to her. But that’s not my ghost story. That’s just the beginning. 

When I was ten, I was in the basement, which in all honesty, gave me the creeps. I was playing in the room downstairs with my toys when I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around to look at the doorway and saw a man dressed in 1800s attire (tux, top hat or top hat like, black shoes, a watch in his pocket, even the handlebar mustache, the works). He just looked right at me. I froze, yet I knew I had to run, so I bolted out the door (thankfully by this time he was more in the room than in the doorway). I screamed, and didn’t look back. I immediately told my grandma and my uncle what I saw. My grandma then told me about a few times when my other uncle’s were teenagers and my mom and uncle (who helped raise me) were babies. My uncles had seen the same man and he was standing over one of them one night (they were all in the room in the basement as that was their room)! My mom had also seen this man when she was a teenager in the same room. My uncle did some research, and apparently, he may have been the first owner of the house after it was built. 

I’ve always hated that basement and will continue to hate that basement. We sold the house last year so I’ll never have to worry about that spirit/ghost again but what an experience!

Reader Story Submitted by: Gabby

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