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The internet trolls are at it again, and this time I admit, I chuckled quite a few times myself.

An Austin woman is facing a charge of theft, a third-degree felony, for using her position in the Austin Polish Society for personal use. 41-year-old Karolina Camara wrote a total of 54 checks worth $72,800 to herself and her husband while serving as treasurer for the non-profit organization. Camara was booked into Williamson County Jail earlier this month but has since been out on bond. Camera admitted she had spent funds from the nonprofit since December 2014 without the consent of the board.

The Austin Statesman tweeted a link to the article with Camara mugshot attached, and Twitter went wild, gaining attention from The Office fans. Twitter user @Surfopie joked that Camara looked like Pam Beasley, who was portrayed by well-known actress and fan favorite, Jenna Fischer.

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By Sage

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