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I had just moved into my new house in Austin, TX, and was living by myself for the first time.  My best friend, Nicole, had come to visit me from Florida to help me get unpacked and organized, and after a day of sorting through boxes, we both had some wine, said goodnight, and went to sleep in our separate bedrooms.  I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my cabinets slamming open and closed. My cat, Osiris, was always up to no good, so I got out of bed to figure out what he was trying to get in the cabinet.  When I got out to the kitchen, Osiris was nowhere in sight. Nicole stuck her head out of her room and asked what the noise was. I told her Osiris was just banging around in the kitchen, and she opened her door to show me that Osiris had been asleep with her the whole time.  We were both freaked out, looked around the house to make sure no one was hiding in a closet somewhere (yes, I have read The Stranger Beside Me three times), and then went back to bed.

That same night, I had a dream that I awoke to the sound of someone digging through my boxes in the hallway.  I opened my bedroom door to discover a teenage boy in old timey suspenders, looking through my things. He seemed to detect my presence, picked up a large trombone case, and swung it around to hit me in the head.  I ducked and moved out of the way, and my pit bull lunged out of bed, barking, and ran into the hallway RIGHT THROUGH THE GHOST BOY.  

The next morning, Nicole had already started organizing the kitchen when I woke up, and she told me she had the creepiest dream.  She dreamed that a TEENAGE BOY IN SUSPENDERS WAS IN OUR HOUSE AND DIGGING THROUGH OUR BOXES!  

Two things were very clear to us.  Firstly, we had a ghost, and we were living in a haunted house.  Secondly, our ghost was not at all amused by the mess we had created with our boxes in his house, and we would have to work faster to get things organized.  That was the fastest I had ever finished unpacking a house, and once we had things organized, we never heard banging on our cabinets again. I did occasionally have friends sleepover who would mention sensing a presence in the kitchen, but he seemed to be at peace so long as I kept the dishes clean. 

Do you have a hometown story you want to share?  Maybe it’s about the time you had a creepy Uber driver, your ex who was a gas-lighter, or your haunted house in Texas.  We want to hear about it!  Submit your spooky stories here!

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