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I met the uber talented Nat at a party with the local Montreal Murderinos group.  There is nothing I love more than meeting other true crime enthusiasts when I’m traveling!  Nat makes iconic original prints in her Etsy store, Natrulesthings, where I recently purchased a gorgeous Dolly Parton print, and she also does gorgeous, bold tattoo work for all of you mmnsters in Montreal!  We spoke with Nat about why she will never sleep with her door open, and about her favorite true crime podcasts.  

What inspired you to start your company?

I am a self made tattoo artist in Montreal. I have been tattooing since 1995. I have worked in a few shops and have been a guest in many cities along the way, but I have been here at Imago Mtl studio since 2005. Art has always been a part of my life. I came into the tattoo business in the 90’s as one of the first females tattooing in Montreal and am very grateful to still be here and to see the evolution of the industry and the medium to this day.

What got you interested in true crime? Was there a murder in your hometown? A story that has always haunted you? 

I have always been a fan of horror, and have always had a morbid curiosity in true crime and scary stories.

What’s a murder, disappearance, or crime story that keeps you up at night?

Richard Ramirez is definitely the reason I lock my doors at all times.

What true crime podcasts are you listening to right now? If podcasts aren’t your thing, we would also love to hear about a spooky book you’re reading or your favorite murder-related tv show! 

I enjoy a lot of reality based true crime shows. I prefer the ones with real photos and witnesses. Not so much the ones with re-enactments. I am a MFM fan and I also liked Sword and Scale, but I don’t only listen to true crime. I also like Last Podcast on the Left, which is more of a broad Horror genre podcast. The next book I will be reading is Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen.

How can our readers find and support you?

I am @tattoosbynat on Instagram and Facebook

Etsy store @Natrulesthings

What do you think?

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