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The place in question is The Black Monarch Hotel in Victor, CO, an old mining town’s former brothel turned creepy destination for seekers of the morbid. The location languished for years until contractor Adam Zimmerli purchased the property and embraced its sinister roots in June 2019. From themed rooms to reports of an actual ghost roaming its halls, The Black Monarch Hotel has a long, interesting history that continues to fascinate the curious to this day.

According to Zimmerli, ghosts have been a part of the building since he purchased it in 2018. The Black Monarch Hotel website speaks of bar fights gone wrong and the town of Victor hosting countless miners during the gold rush in the late 1800s; there was even a fire that swept away the entire city in 1899. It stands to reason that some hardships befell guests of the Monarch brothel, saloon, and casino during its heyday, leaving their spirits to roam the halls.

Townspeople claim that a miner lost his life in the building, leaving his ghostly form to walk the Monarch’s halls for all eternity.

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By Wes

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