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We are so excited to announce our next book selection for our April book Club– The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy by Elizabeth Kendall.  The Phantom Prince explores Elizabeth’s relationship with Ted Bundy as his girlfriend.  Elizabeth was a single mother when she met Ted, and she quickly fell for him as a kind caretaker and a law student in Seattle.  She met Ted before his killing spree began, and Elizabeth suspected that Ted could be responsible for the deaths of so many young women in the area that all resembled herself in appearance.  The book is incredibly vulnerable as Elizabeth wrestles with whether or not she should have seen warning signs sooner and contemplates whether or not she and her daughter also could have been victims of Ted.  It explores the gas-lighting techniques Ted used to keep Elizabeth in his grasps even as she suspected he could be a dangerous man. Elizabeth and her daughter, Molly, have only recently broken their silence on their lives with Ted Bundy, and we are grateful for the insight they both provide on living in a home with a serial killer.

The MMNster Book Club: Books to be Murdered to will discuss the book all month long.  We can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts on the book, and we have some questions to get the discussion moving.  We have divided our discussion questions into sections so you can join in the chat wherever you are in the book without worrying about spoilers. We will also schedule a MMNster zoom call at the end of the month for those of you looking to dive further into the discussion and have some much needed socialization during the next month of quarantine. 

To join the MMNster Book Club, sign up for the MMNster commune today!  Your first month is free, and you also will have access to our community forum where we work together to solve cold cases and talk about the latest trash tv!

We are also now accepting nominations for our May book selection, so comment below to suggest a book, and be sure to check back in for our vote later this month!









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