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In 1987 in Kansas City, Missouri, it was the end of my summer break and my step-sister had been babysitting the neighbor’s boys of the usual family she babysat. She had been watching them for the past week as a favor while the Mom was in court during a divorce hearing. The babysitting job was supposed to be for two weeks, however, the mother ended up coming home a bit early and stated that she no longer needed a babysitter for the following week. My step-sister felt uneasy about the decision, but agreed to let the mother come over to our house later to pay her for the one week of babysitting. Her babysitting job ending early and the mother coming over was unbeknownst to me at the time.

One evening, before sunset, I happened to be home tethered to a landline phone talking to my BFF next to the large window in our living room facing the front yard. A car pulled into our driveway, and I saw a woman with two boys in the backseat.  The boys and I made eye contact and I immediately started feeling uneasy. My stomach was queasy and all the hair on my body was standing up. I was explaining this weirdness to my BFF while the woman walked up and rang our doorbell.

My step-sister ran to me in a panic and  begged me to answer the door for her. She explained that this was the lady she had been babysitting for and she was bringing her money, but she didn’t want to see her at all, which was highly unusual for her. I agreed and went to the door, despite feeling uneasy about the weirdness I was experiencing. The woman said she brought my sister’s money and apologized for not needing her for another week. I took the money and went back to my phone call while I watched the boys watching me as they drove away. I had a very strange feeling.

Hours later, just after 10 o’clock nightly news started, I heard my step-sister scream.  We found out that after this woman and her 2 young boys left our house, she drove them to the local McDonald’s drive-thru in Platte-Woods for food, then took them to the Motel 6 next door to eat, where she had reserved a room.  Sometime afterwards, she stabbed both of them to death then drove herself home where she was found and arrested later that night.

In court earlier that day, she had lost custody of her boys to her husband.

A few years later she committed suicide in prison.  The woman my step-sister had babysat for was Nila Wacaser.  

Reader Submitted story by Jojo

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