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We chatted with C.J. from Beyond the Rainbow about representation in the LGBTQI community, the time the GSK may have called her house, and THE official list of C.J. approved true crime podcasts. If you haven’t subscribed to Beyond the Rainbow – True Crimes of the LGBT yet, you really are missing out!

What inspired you to start your podcast?

My good friend and creative consultant of Beyond the Rainbow, Allison McKimmy-Trestor asked me a couple of years ago if I knew what a podcast was.  I had an inkling, but she steered me to some True Crime podcasts. I listened and was immediately hooked! After a year or so of listening, I thought I wanted to do this podcasting thing!  I had heard a couple of podcasts that had one or two episodes with the LGBTQI community involved, but not a whole podcast dedicated to it. So I thought, that’s my niche and I can reach out to my community as well. I’m super excited because Allison and I booked a booth at the San Francisco Pride this year June 27-28! We thought what a great opportunity to open up about podcasts and specifically true crime podcasts! A lot of people still are unfamiliar with podcasts and don’t realize it doesn’t cost to subscribe and listen. It’s such a great form of entertainment. You can listen just about anywhere! The gym, on walks, long drives, you can download them and listen on the airplane. I take my little dog on 4-5 walks a day and listen! 

What got you interested in true crime? Was there a murder in your hometown? A story that has always haunted you? 

Serial Killer Richard Chase was from my hometown of Sacramento, he has always haunted me and creeped me out. 

And I swear to you, when I was a little girl of 7 or 8, I picked up the phone and there was a man saying some horrible things about killing me and explicit sexual content.  I truly now believe it was the Golden State Killer. Especially, since I just recently heard some of his taped phone threats and it’s what I remember the man’s voice sounding like. I mean when I listened to the tape, my childhood was the last thing on my mind and then when I heard his voice and what he was saying. It immediately took me back to that wretched phone call of my childhood. My mom said it was probably just the teenage boy across the street, but the teenager’s voice wasn’t that manly.  We lived in Carmichael back then, the timeline fit, and I really wonder if it was Golden State Killer calling for my mom. She was a hottie back then.

What’s a murder, disappearance, or crime story that keeps you up at night?

I researched the possible wrongful conviction of Penny Brummer in Madison, Wisconsin. She was accused of killing her ex girlfriend’s best friend Sarah Gonstead.  All of the evidence is circumstantial at best. There are strong ties to a 1%er motorcycle gang that probably executed Sarah. Even Penny’s legal team was seriously corrupted by that criminal motorcycle gang. The author of the book Who killed Sarah sent me countless trails of paper evidence on the corruption and some on the gang.  Penny who was 24 years old when she was incarcerated is 50 now and will sit in prison another 25 years for the death of Sarah. This keeps me up some nights, because I truly believe in Penny’s innocence and I don’t know how to help her. The Innocence Project of Wisconsin had to give up because there is no new evidence in the case. Even the jury that convicted her had admitted biases based on Penny’s sexual orientation. They felt she was just another angry lesbian. I urge anyone who knows of the case and also believes in Penny’s innocence to contact the office of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and ask him to sign a waiver to allow Penny a new trial with a jury not biased against LGBTQI members.

What true crime podcasts are you listening to right now? If podcasts aren’t your thing, we would also love to hear about a spooky book you’re reading or your favorite murder-related tv show! 

Ohmygosh! There are so many good true crime podcasts out there right now! I listen a lot to my community of true crime podcast friends! I Said God Damn! is a great funny true crime show with hosts Stacey and Erin. Bear with me, my list is long: Brew Crime, True Crime Real Time, True Crime South Africa, Our True Crime Podcast, Morbidology, True Crime CampfireActive Shooter, True Crime Lab, Texla True Crime, Murder up North, Crime Lapse, Murder and More, True Crime Witch, Murderous Minors, Death by Champagne, Blood and Firewater, True Crime and Wine Time, Mad or Bad, The True Crime Files, Southern Fried True Crime, Housewives of True Crime, All Crime No Cattle, Redhanded, and I just discovered Outlaws and Scorned Women!  Are you sorry you asked? 

How can our readers find and support you?

Find me on social media: Beyondtherainbowpod on Facebook, @rainbowcrimes on Twitter, and @Beyondtherainbowpodcast on Instagram. We do have a Patreon, if you’d like to help support the show. It’s under Beyond the Rainbow-True Crimes of the LGBT. We current have 0 supporters at the time of this interview, but I would like to offer the first 10 supporters at any level sponsorship a Beyond the Rainbow T-shirt for joining! Other goodies will follow for our sponsors as Allison and I are working our booties off to get merch ready for SF Pride!

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