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We are so excited to announce our March book selection for the MMNster Book Club: Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs: Big Questions by Tiny Mortals by Caitlin Doughty. Funeral director Caitlin hilariously answers her favorite questions about death sent to her by children.  Can someone please tell me why this service didn’t exist when I was a kid, because I had so many questions! She’ll answer pressing questions about how our cat(s) will react if we should die alone with them, what happens if the person next to us on an international flight should die in the air, and so much more!

The MMNster Book Club: Books to be Murdered to will learn the answers to our most morbid questions all March long!  We can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts and perhaps concerns about death and dying, and we have some questions to ask to get the discussion moving.  We have divided our discussion questions into sections so you can join in the discussion wherever you are in the book without worrying about spoilers. 

To join the MMNster Book Club, sign up for the MMNster commune today!  We are giving all MMNsters free access to the membership area including our book club for the entire month of March!

We are also now accepting nominations for our April book selection, so comment below to suggest a book, and be sure to check back in for our vote later this month!

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