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Murder is bad, but the business of murder has never been better. The category of true crime, once limited to the occasional documentary collecting dust on a video store shelf, is now a billion-dollar industry. True crime podcasts are played during our daily commute, the ID Network recounts every grisly detail of past murders around the clock, and true crime limited series are now required viewing to keep up with water-cooler conversation.

While there is a somewhat unsettling quality to the popularity of the genre — not entirely unsurprising in a society that enthusiastically slows down to get a good look at a car wreck — there are some positives to these true crime narratives. At their best, true crime documentaries can provide a voice to the voiceless, tell a story of a great injustice and, once in a while, better the lives of victims.

Here’s a compiled list of some of the best true crime documentaries.

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