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We recently got to chat with Rashad Jones of the Blood and Firewater Podcast to learn all about the fun new show, and how Rashad and his sister got into true crime and what inspired them to start their own podcast involving murder and tequila!

What inspired you to start a true crime podcast?

So, me and my sister share a love of true crime/paranormal documentaries but our significant others not so much. But we are really good story tellers so that’s where the idea for the podcast came from.

What got you into true crime? Was there a murder in your hometown? A story that has always haunted you?

We both started watching forensic files when we were younger, back when Netflix wasn’t a thing. And back then they wouldn’t just play one or two episodes, they played like ten. The first episode I saw was actually the first episode that aired, the disappearance of Helle Crafts. I was hooked immediately after.

What's your favorite murder, mystery, or disappearance?

The Jon Benet Ramsey case of course!

What true crime podcasts are you listening to right now? If podcasts aren't your thing, is there a spooky book you're reading or your favorite murder-related tv show?

My go-to true crime podcast would have to be Killer Queens or Death Dames, I’m also reading “Not Lost Forever” by Carmine Salcido. And my true crime show of choice would have to be forensic files.

How can other true crime enthusiasts find your podcast?

Our podcast launches on Halloween October 31, 2019 and we will have three episodes available, and then weekly after that. Our Etsy store with all of our merchandise will launch soon after so follow us on instagram @bloodandfirewaterpodcast and Twitter @bfwpodsquad to get more info on that. 

We are an independent podcast so we’d love any support you have to offer! Leave us a five star review on iTunes to help get our name out there, or even become a patreon member and we’ll add your name to the list of producers of the show!

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